| 23 Jun 2024
Seventynine moves towards being an In-App Video Platform

MUMBAI: Seventynine - SVG Media Pvt Ltd has announced a move towards positioning itself from being a pure play ad network, to an In-App Ad-serving platform focusing on video. Putting a spin on its patent pending Ad Integration and Monetization PlatformappjacketTM, Seventynine is now offering it as an independent technology platform for Ad Serving and Mediation on a licensing based model too.

As an In-App Video Platform, Seventynine will offer its technology and technical support to large App publishers who maintain their own sales teams, and are looking for a robust solution to enhance their inventory offerings.

Seventynine’s technology allows publishers to create custom ad spots at App Start, App Exit or Native In-App locations, whereby they can choose to run one or more Ad formats including but not limited to High Quality Zero-Buffer Video ads, Rich Media ads with multiple calls-to-action, Interstitials, Static banners etc.

Commenting on the development, Roshan Kumar - General Manager (Media Alliances) said, “Seventynine is a highly qualified and innovative technology company which aims to redefine how advertising is created and received in our country with a focus on mobile. appjacketTM is our attempt at revolutionizing video advertising on mobile in a country like India where internet speeds and handset quality are still an issue. appjacketTM ensures seamless, zero-buffer video ad delivery even on slow 2G networks, and is compliant with the minutest of targeting parameters as well as all major 3rd party ad delivery and reporting systems, thus ensuring the best in class features and inventory monetization for app developers.

Further app developers are free to sell these custom offerings in the best way suitable as per their understanding of their respective consumer bases. This allows them unmatched freedom and opportunities, while allowing Seventynine to focus on bettering the technology to put even more power in the app developers’ hands.”

Mustali Kachwala, CTO at Seventynine added, “We are trying to change the paradigms within which our industry works. Instead of working on a hard-set model, we want to give app developers absolute freedom in designing their own ad platform replete with features related to different ad formats which can be switched between different types, mediation features wherein ads from multiple demand sources can run via the same SDK, minute targeting options including contextual and behavioural via intelligent use of data and multiple macro parameters. Mobile is the computing device of choice for the largest section of population today. App developers won’t miss out on monetizing any set of consumers irrespective of their consumers’ choices and preferences, via our In-App Video Platform.”