| 24 Feb 2024
While Apple music fights over Spotify, a new similar service hits the top

MUMBAI: MyLeisure - the new entertainment App which provides unique personalised content (movies, TV shows, music and more) has reached the Australian App Store top-10 list within just a couple of days after its release. The app continues to win positions worldwide coming out right in the middle of the widely discussed conflict between Apple and Spotify.

Today, there are more sources of music than ever before, and we see lots of companies competing with each other to create the best service and convincing customers that they are indeed worth paying for. The latest discussion whether the new Apple music service is better than Spotify is not an exception. One of the main issues is which app provides users with better album selections and should the music app be a paid service or not. But the most important question that still remains unanswered is what's the best way to find the next song or album to listen to. That's where MyLeisure comes in, with a brand-new recommendation system that differs from all others on the market.

The developers of MyLeisure believe that the old approach, based on users search history, is not enough to provide personalised recommendations. "Generally, personalised music services are based mostly on users' previous listening history or searches genre/artist, which is helpful to the user, but still far from optimal," said Omri Shabi CEO MyLeisure.

"In order to provide the best solution for users, we have to ask ourselves: how do people choose their next movie or music? They search on Top charts' lists, view experts' opinion, ask friends, right? That's mean that similar users' choices and friend recommendations also influence users' decisions. If people concentrate only on genre, singer/actors or year of the item, for example, they might miss some great stuff, because the ocean of entertainment is huge and endless! So here comes our unique algorithm, which provides recommendations based on almost everything that is happening around a person's leisure experience," added Shabi.

MyLeisure is a multi-content platform. It provides users with recommendations not only for music, but also for what to watch (movies, TV etc). The system collects all preferences and tastes of each person in a unique Leisure ID, which is then controlled by the user.

The more time the user spends with the app, liking and viewing items – the more customised content the system provides. So MyLeisure app is like a personal fun manager which remembers everything about the user and recommends the very best personalised content. That is how MyLeisure maximises free time, minimises searching and offers only the best leisure choices, unique to each user's tastes and preferences.