| 04 Dec 2023
The Dharavi Dream Project explores new avenues with DJ'ing classes

MUMBAI: With a successful run of #AfterSchoolofHipHop for four consecutive years and having some of the most established names from the fraternity visit the school like AR Rahman, Gulzar Saab, Anil Kapoor, Sukhwinder Singh and many more, 'The Dharavi Dream Project' has taken a step further by introducing yet another core element of hip-hop- DJ’ing at the school and opening more avenues for the talent in the hip-Hop community. ‘The Dharavi Dream Project’, a collaboration of Universal Music India and Qyuki Digital Media Pvt Ltd brings DJ Spin Doctor as a mentor for DJ’ing at the #AfterSchoolofHipHop.

DJ Spin Doctor and DeeJay OM managed the first-class curated by DJ Shawn and Bhupen. The class had 50 students from the locality, who actively participated and showcased their talent. It was interesting to see an amalgamation of talent and expertise at one place. The highlight of the evening was the presence of the renowned DJ Shilpi Sharma who provided valuable information to the students.

The Dharavi Dream Project started #AfterSchoolOfHipHop to encourage and sustain an environment, which gives the under-resourced hip-hop talent a chance to be educated and enhance skills. The project targets under-resourced areas around the country to help talented individuals acquire skills in Hip-Hop. The Dharavi #AfterSchoolOfHipHop is the only school across Southeast Asia to focus on cultural aspects of the area.

Speaking on the first class, DJ Spin Doctor said, “Our parents don’t have that much money to spend for something like DJ’ing, It took me a lot of courage to leave my medical career behind for this art form. Hustle is part of our lifestyle and here we are giving the knowledge for free to these kids with big dreams in their eyes.”

Samir Bangara, MD and founder Qyuki Digital shared, “Thrilled to introduce fifth dimension to our #AfterSchoolOfHiphop in the form of DJ’ing as a core element of Hip-hop which dates back to the origin of Hip-Hop and the legacy it has built-in the ecosystem. This element will further enhance and add value to our amazing talent and give them more avenues to express themselves.

Universal Music Group India and South Asia MD and CEO Devraj Sanyal said, “The ability to create beats and mix different kinds of sounds to come up with a fresh sound to the TDDP creative vision is a definite step in the right direction. The sounds will change, the vibe will get better and the quality of hip hop will immensely improve as a result of this. I’m thrilled about this new development and hope it takes our kids and their music to the next level.”

‘The Dharavi Dream Project’ co-founder Dolly Rateshwar speaks the feeling of incompleteness was finally over when Deepak one of the evangelist of our initiative in the US donated DJ’ing equipment to the school. DJ’ing being a core element of Hip-hop will see future DJ’s from our school playing very soon at different gigs and grooving everyone around in the community. This definitely serves the purpose of empowering under-resourced talent and helping them to follow their passion.