| 13 Apr 2024
Exclusive: Bluenote Entertainment announces launch of exciting new platform 'Malangs' for Indian musicians

MUMBAI: Continuing with its aim to bring Indian singers and musicians to the forefront, Bluenote Entertainment, a new generation events and entertainment company, has announced its plans to launch an exciting new platform for musical talent, ‘Malangs’. The aim of the platform is to represent and celebrate the diverse talent from across the country by giving them the opportunity to showcase their abilities and work collaboratively through original compositions and live performances.

The idea behind Malangs stems from Bluenote’s 13+ years of extensive experience in the talent and event management space, screening and selecting the best talent for songs, videos and live performances. Through this, they realised that several gifted artists do not have access to the right platform due to a lack of resources and facilities. With Malangs, this is the gap the company aims to bridge by identifying the talent pool and helping them achieve the most out of their musical journey.

A blend of creativity, modernity, tradition and soul, Malangs will serve as an umbrella under which several artists and bands from different backgrounds will be signed, genre-no-bar. Additionally, the platform is driven by audience preference, and they will be able to determine which artists they want to listen to or see them perform live. The music created by Malangs will be available to listen to via all major music streaming apps, as well as YouTube and the company website.

Speaking on the upcoming launch, Bluenote Entertainment managing director Prashant Kumar said, “We are thrilled to be bringing a platform like Malangs to the masses. India is full of new and upcoming musical talent, and we want to give them the right opportunities to tap into their immense potential. Any musical endeavour is fuelled by hard work and passion, and we want to make sure these artists can make the most of their efforts. This is an exciting chance for talent across genres and styles to come together and showcase their abilities. With the audience choosing who their favourites are, we are giving artists the chance to connect directly with their listeners. We look forward to the musical magic that awaits us!”

The first band formed under Malangs features artists Farid Ahmed and Uma Shankar. Having undergone training in Hindustani classical styles, Farid is a talented singer and has participated on popular television show, Saregamapa. Umashankar, on the other hand, is an emerging artist with a musical family background. He has been performing across venues with his father Pandit Bhawani Shankar, a renowned classical pakhawaj player. Backed by Bluenote Entertainment’s experience in the space, Malangs envisions taking the country’s mine of local talent to the global stage while bringing international entertainment concepts to the local audiences.