| 11 Dec 2023
ArtistAloud takes its artistes to Hungama and MixRadio

MUMBAI: Digital media, distribution and talent management platform, ArtistAloud, has taken a step ahead to build an ecosystem for itself by partnering with platforms like Microsoft's MixRadio and the Hungama app.

ArtistAloud business and product head Soumini Sridhara Paul says, "Partnering with MixRadio and Hungama, was not a long process. Both the platforms understood the type of content we bring to their table."

Through this partnership, a dedicated radio station named ‘Artist Aloud' will be present on the Hungama app across Android, iOS and Windows. On the other hand, on Microsoft's MixRadio, a personal radio mix station called ‘Independent Artists' showcasing six different playlists will be available. Through this endeavour, ‘ArtistAloud' plans to reach out to their target consumers, "Through Hungama and Mixradio, we are planning to achieve and reach out to places where our audiences are present and we are optimistic that we will reach out to the people through these platforms."

ArtistAloud will be exclusively curating and programming these playlists. Paul adds, "It is more about building brand awareness for ArtistAloud and showcasing the strength Hungama brings collectively within its app or the destination of Artist Aloud in terms of distribution channel. Along with this, we will continue putting more and more focus on our distribution. "The ultimate target would be to drive traffic for the company."

The Hungama app was launched a year ago and has attracted lot of attention for its technology and partnerships and ArtistAloud is an entity under Hungama Digital Media Entertainment. When quizzed if this would be a merger of any form into one entity, Paul denied the possibility. Paul says, "We will continue to have our own identity but it is important to be where the consumer is. What we wanted to achieve was to be able to have an entity that is unique yet be in platform where people will see other stuff. We will continue promoting non-film music and talents.

She further adds, "Hungama app is across all kinds of music and it is justified if it carries independent talents. We were able to convince them to give a separate destination and keep the brand intact of Artist Aloud. The present support will help us in the marketing level and helps the consumers know that there is a dedicated section for Indie artistes."

She reveals that the content ArtistAloud offer has value for other platforms as well. "Since ArtistAloud is part of the Hungama Company, people may assume that it is easy for Hungama to do that. It is very relevant for Hungama to see the value the space will bring and hence, look at separate destinations. It is important to put content that would work for the app as well."