| 14 Apr 2024
Two Art and Artistes concepts make it to Limca Book of Records

MUMBAI: Kudos to multi-media music production company Art and Artistes (AAA) who reached out to more than nine and half crore people through their Idea Jalsa tour and have entered the Limca Book of Records.

Speaking with, AAA founder and director Durga Jasraj said, "Our project report stated that we have crossed nine and half crore people with our eighth edition of Idea Jalsa. In India, we crossed 30 crore people with more than 90 genres of India music."

Their achievement is not just limited to good figures, but has also been recognised by the Limca Book of Records. The record has certified two of their concepts- ‘Idea Jalsa' and ‘Tiranga'. Idea Jalsa, conceived by Jasraj and produced by AAA, has provided a platform for over 5,000 artistes and over 84 genres of Indian Classical music like folk music, ghazal and semi classical music. The programme started on 27 May 2006 and has completed over 53 concerts. ‘Tiranga' was selected for being the first musical and poetic depiction of national flag. It was telecasted on Doodarshan for the first time on 31 January 2003. This show was most recently performed during the centenary celebration of the state of Bihar on 21 March 2012.

"We received the news two months ago. At the same time two of our projects were on-going, so we decided to speak about the achievement another day. It is a great feeling to have received two certificates but right now I feel I should have announced it earlier," exclaimed Jasraj.

Idea Jalsa's 8th annual musical tour touched nearly 14 cities and had many legendary maestros like Padma Vibhusan Pandit Jasraj, Pundit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Hariharan, Wadali Brothers, Sawani Shende, Rakesh Chaurasia performing at the concert at various cities. This edition showcased over 700 artistes and has highlighted over 50 genres of classical music.

In 2012-13, AAA generated revenue of nearly 14 crore in which more than 75 per cent came from Idea Jalsa and the rest came from other music shows on television.

Other IP's of AAA include Panchtatva, Indian Music Academy, IMA Annual Excellence Awards, Golden Voice Golden Years, Jai Hind, IMA - Marathi Music Award to name a few. The company will be completing 15 years this July.