| 21 Feb 2024
Brodha V parts ways with Sony Music

MUMBAI: Hip-hop artist- Brodha V, aka Vighnesh Shivanand, has parted ways with the Sony music label. The musician was signed under Sony Music for almost two years, and as part of the deal, the label was to promote his upcoming singles on various platforms and also manage his gigs. It was also to handle marketing plans of the rapper’s future projects, albums and upload his songs on Sony Music’s YouTube Channel.

However the deal has now ended with Brodha V moving on from the label. The development took place sometime last month after a series of discussions between the ‘Aathma Raama’ singer and the Sony team. The two could not come to a mutual point of agreement, which lead to Brodha V to walk away from his deal with Sony.

Brodha V, signed to Sony Music at the end of 2013. Initially, it was all smooth, but gradually creative differences started to crop up. “I wanted 100 per cent creative control, but that never happened. Moreover I had a different vision for my songs, but the team there did not feel it would work. It led to a lot of delays. This is when we mutually decided to part ways,” said the musician.

Furthermore, the singer believes that record labels will take a while to understand independent artists and their work. “Record labels are too focused on promoting film-music, which is why they have failed with independent artists. I believe they will take a while to study the market,” he averred.

Under the label, Brodha V produced two songs – ‘Aigiri Nandini’ and the Micromax ad song. However, there were a few more songs that he was to release with Sony, which he will now be producing on his own. Both tracks will be collaborations. Brodha V will next be seen performing at NH7 Weekender Bangalore.