| 22 Feb 2024
Adele's '25' shatters NSYNC's record; becomes fastest-selling US album of all time

MUMBAI: ‘A calm before the storm’ would be good example of how Adele’s career has shaped up in the last few years. In 2011 she canceled her US tour due to vocal-cord hemorrhage, and then kept herself off social media. The singer did not appear in any interviews in the last three years, and focused most of her time on raising her now three-year-old baby boy- Angelo.

Since releasing the first track ‘Hello’ from her latest studio album (25), Adele has made a grand return to the music industry, with the track becoming the most-downloaded song in the past week. Additionally, the British music star is on road to shattering records with her new album, which was released on 20 November under Columbia Records. The album has seen 42 per cent of total music sales this week, shifting 2.433 million copies in the US alone.

‘25’ has already registered at least 2,433,000 in pure album sales in less than three days, after processing the first sales report from 23 November. The number has broken the single-week record for an album, since Neilson started tracking sales back in 1992. It has led to Adele breaking NSYNC’s record of 2,416,000 album sales in a week, for the band’s ‘No Strings Attached’ (March 2000); a record that they have held for 15 years.

Lance Bass, former band member, congratulated Adele on Twitter with a rather cheeky hashtag #IDemandARecount


There is no doubting that the development is great not just for download and CD sales, but for the music industry as a whole. The album is available on iTunes and at Target stores, which is also offering an exclusive deluxe edition that contains three bonus tracks. FYE's Cuebas predicts ‘25’ will have its greatest early sales. All this, and the album is yet to complete its first week of sales, which is sure to have new record breaking numbers that Nielsen is yet to process.