| 29 Feb 2024
Deadmau5 issues 'cease and desist' to parody 'Deadmouse the Musical'

MUMBAI: Popular Canadian progressive-house music producer Deadmau5 has issued a ‘cease and desist' letter to the Toronto Fringe Arts Festival, which is producing an onstage parody of house music culture. The ‘Raise You Weapon' DJ sent the organisers of Toronto Fringe Arts Festival the legal document stating them to ‘cease' the purportedly-unlawful activity and not take it up again any time again in the future (‘desist').

Through a series of tweets that the 34 year old music producer posted on 17 June, he uploaded his lawyer's cease and desist letter and stated, "While I appreciate their intent, they REALLY went about this the wrong way and do not fully understand how this diminishes certain endeavours."

Around six hours later, the issue was apparently settled between the two parties, with Deadmau5 tweeting

According to the musical's website, ‘Deadmouse: The Musical' tells the story of a mouse who wants to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse. The play follows Joel Zimmermouse, a great house music DJ who struggles to believe in himself while trying to "make it big". Joel is joined by his best friend, David Goudda, on his hopeful track to success. Inspiring and motivating Joel along the way is his love interest, Cat, but their relationship is anything but smooth sailing.

As Joel, David and Cat navigate the complex world of House music DJing and its elitist human prejudices, Joel encounters his less-than-friendly DJ idol, Avicheese. Blinded by jealousy, Avicheese ends up seriously harming Joel in his attempt to remain at the top of the House music DJing universe. Luckily for Joel, St. Peter is a huge house music fan! Joel ends up facing some tough decisions about how far he will go to become the number one House music DJ, and on the way learns some valuable lessons about friendship, love, loyalty and the importance of remaining true to one's heart, no matter how small it may be.

The play was inspired by the real life house music DJ Deadmau5, and the question of what his life and career would be like if he were an actual mouse.