| 18 Apr 2024
Gabi Mor - Is there a secret entry way into the Music Industry?

On special invitation by Gabi Mor

BestOriginalSong founder Gabi Mor is a songwriter himself, and has over 25 years experience in the music industry, as a concert impresario and booking agent before launching

Only a handful of musicians manage to make it big,... and in general it's virtually impossible to break into the music industry. Sure, on television we see a lucky singer here and there find fame on shows like American Idol,... and almost as few are at the right place at the right time to stumble into record company scouts. But the vast majority -- no matter how talented -- never get that big break that can propel them to mainstream recognition.


Is there a secret way into the music industry? Is it just all about connections or just plan, dumb luck? Or is it just that too few people control too much of the access to the record companies? Unfortunately, the answer may be all of the above.

There are, however, steps an aspiring musician can take to increase their chances of success.

When a singer/songwriter writes a tune and he or she aspires to turn it into a hit and therefore turn him or herself into a world-renowned superstar, he or she will need a game plan that goes beyond just one song. A successful singer needs to find the right concept, the right identity, the right unique style and even the right message.

The song or the songs are part of the concept; if the musician can create his or her own style and identity through his or her songs, they will stand out from the pack.

Connections are always good and they can be established through family and friends, and by a lot of networking and collaborations with other musicians. Luck is very important component, but hard to bank on. It's better to make one's own luck by having a definite concept and identity and network tirelessly to expose the right people to that concept and identity.

In the old days – which weren't all that long ago, in the days before iTunes and YouTube -- very few music executives at the major record labels were in charge of virtually all music records and their distribution. In the last 15 years, however, the music world has changed and continues to change. Now there are hundreds of independent producers, small and medium record labels and many new ways of music distribution have popped up.
It used to be expensive to record songs on a remotely good-enough quality demo: the studio time, musicians, tapes or CDs were prohibitively expensive. And then it was a crap shoot if anyone of importance would get that CD in their hand, much less in their CD player. In this day and digital age, the cost to record demos are inexpensive since many budding songwriters own a home studio... that costs less then an iPod. These relatively inexpensive home studios supply the sounds of virtually any instrument and vocal tracks, and the result is high-quality digital files that can be converted into any distribution format out there, including mp3s.

With the growth of the internet and new electronic distribution platforms, new artists can showcase their talent to anyone that has computer or portable electronic device who wants to hear it from any corner of the world.

That's why I founded the Best Original Song web site: to make it much easier for the songwriters/artists of tomorrow to break in today, while giving the public the chance to hear the next big thing without the filter of a handful of record executives' personal tastes dictating what they should listen to. The Best Original Song site aims to inspire the next generation of songwriters and artists, across all types and styles of music, to bring their original work to a virtual stage. The site is giving them worldwide exposure and gives them a shot at a wider audience – and the potential to jumpstart a career.

The way it works is simple. Using the latest internet technology, singer/songwriters can upload their songs for free and viewers are able to listen to those songs for free. is receiving songs from all over the world -- from North America to India to Australia and everywhere in between. On top of the exposure that all the participating musicians receive, there is a Best Original Song Competition, in which 108 songs have been chosen and are whittled down through users' voting until there is one left to crown the 2011 Best Original Song winner  The competition winner will get a huge exposure in the media and his song and bio will be send to 200 music producers, record labels, management companies and booking agents.

We're a brand new site and growing exponentially; a number of management companies are in negotiations to help promote the musicians whose songs rise to the top of the competition. But this isn't just about business deals, I founded this site with the main goal to expose as many new songwriters and artists to the public and help them reach as wide an audience as possible and maximize their chances to land a record deal and stage performances.

This is the way the music industry will work in the near future: music distribution will increase tremendously due to increase of computers and portable devices that use digital distribution platforms and younger generations getting used to getting their music that way. And that's the way it should be, not based on the whims of a handful of executives.

Let's make some of our own luck together.