| 29 Feb 2024
Grammy nominated M.I.A. inks deal with BMG Chrysalis UK

MUMBAI: Music rights management company BMG Chrysalis UK has signed an exclusive deal with rapper M.I.A. The company has entered into an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with the recording artiste. The deal will cover the future compositions of the Grammy- and Oscar-nominated artiste.

BMG Chrysalis UK EVP Alexi Cory-Smith said, “This is truly a marquee signing. M.I.A. is one of the great leaders and influencers and innovators in contemporary popular culture. We are extremely pleased that she has chosen BMG to represent her future work."

She has worked as a songwriter for artistes like artists such as Madonna and Nicki Minaj for the track 'Give Me All Your Luvin' and with Christina Aguilera for 'Elastic Love'.

She was first signed under XL Recordings in 2004 after the release of her first single 'Galang' in the year 2003. The songwriter released her debut album 'Arular' in 2005 and a second album 'Kala' in 2007. In the US, 'Arular', witnessed sales in mid-2007, two years after the release and was a critically acclaimed album. The British born rapper released her third album 'Maya' in 2010 which made a mark internationally.

This is the third major announcement in this week by BMG. Earlier this week, BMG Chrysalis US acquired Vagrant Records, BMG China entered into a deal with Giant Jump and now M.I.A deal.