| 11 Dec 2023
Merry Bright Music to release Elizabeth Chan's holiday single in Philippines in July

MUMBAI: Christmas music might be seasonal for many, but for Merry Bright Music Enterprises; it is all the company does year long. The company works internationally and has a strong hold in North America and South Asia, primarily in Philippines, where it promotes holiday music. The company will soon be releasing a Christmas track in Philippines this July.

The track features Elizabeth Chan, who is the CEO of Merry Bright Music Enterprises, and is also a Billboard-charted artist, and executive producer recognised for her expertise in seasonal sonic branding and media. The single is expected to release in July, confirmed Chan to She also said, “In the Philippines, there are partners that believe in my work and there is a demand for my music which is why I decide to release the track in July in the Philippines this year.” The track will also have a music video she revealed.

Her previous works include ‘Naughty & Nice’, ‘Everyday Holidays’ and ‘Christmas in the City’, which are all albums. Commenting on the single trend, Chan said, “It is a singles world and everyone around the world is releasing singles, so I will release some too. However, I still love to do albums and will continue doing that as well.”

Chan who also had held executive positions at Condé Nast, A&E Networks, MTV Networks, and served as a consultant for global media organisations, along with producing music and helping other artistes grow. She also felt the need to push her musical career ahead as well, which is why she started Merry Bright Music Enterprises.

She hopes to expand to Australia and New Zealand and strengthen her hold in North America. “I am a global person. I rarely go home as I am busy exploring new collaborations and partnerships to make modern holiday catalogue available in newer markets where there is demand for the music,” said Chan who is the principal composer of one of the largest modern holiday catalogues in today’s era, and is affectionately known as the ‘Queen of Christmas.’

Merry Bright Music Enterprises has signed a few artistes from America and the Philippines and is open to signing many more artistes who write Christmas songs and from across genres.