| 10 Dec 2023
British Council combines World Voice with new property- Shakespeare Lives

MUMBAI: The British Council India will bring its original music project 'World Voice' and combine it with its new literary property called 'Shakespeare Lives'. Started in India and Senegal in 2013, the 'World Voice' programme is a musical cultural exchange focusing on singing, a mode of expression that children from all backgrounds and cultures are familiar with and enjoy.

British Council India, Director Arts, Vivek Mansukhani spoke to about this recent development. When asked about ‘World Voice: India’ and its association with Shakespeare Lives, Mansukhani said, "As part of the Shakespeare Lives programme, the World Voice programme is developing a new song for school children, inspired by Shakespeare’s works. It will make Shakespeare relevant to today’s young generation."

When it first started in 2013, 'World Voice' was led by Global Indian Music Academy (GIMA) Award winner Mohit Chauhan, which resulted in a choir of Indian children performing an original track called ‘Morni’. Mansukhani confirmed, “This year as well Mohit Chauhan will champion 'World Voice' in India."

Speaking on the reception of 'World Voice' in India, Mansukhani said, "According to feedback received, the impact of the programme has been transformational. The focus of the World Voice programme has been beyond music, emphasising cross-curricular learning, learning the English language, creativity and global/cultural awareness."

Since starting in India, the 'World Voice' team has rolled out the programme to other countries in South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. In India, the ‘World Voice’ programme has been cascaded across several states including Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Bihar, Maharashtra and Delhi. 1500 teachers have been taught by British and Indian Master-Trainers, who in turn have worked with 200,000 school children across the states mentioned.

Shakespeare Lives, a British Council original property, is a global year-long programme of events and activities celebrating the legendary playwright’s life on the occasion of his 400th death anniversary, which falls in 2016.