| 26 May 2024
Sahil International eyes 50 per cent growth through JBL Autostage

MUMBAI: Authorised sales and service partner for Harman lifestyle division products, Sahil International is busy promoting the latest audio product of JBL -'Autostage'. The product is expected to contribute to 50 per cent of the growth in the upcoming year for Sahil International.

Sahil International CEO Sahil Sani said, "JBL Autostage will contribute to 50 per cent of the growth. We have a good base already and 50 per cent will come from this client. Our company has so far witnessed around 70 per cent growth this year in all categories." JBL is looking at selling at least 30,000 kits this year.

Currently, the company is promoting the JBL stage through B2C publications and website.

The company is looking at becoming approved vendor for all autos majors in India. "We will partner with them as and when things happen," Sani said. It has covered around 600 showrooms in their Phase I promotion of their product. Sani said, "We are looking at covering 3,000 car showrooms in India and by January, we will cover almost 1,000 showrooms." Since January is the ideal time in terms of car sales, thus it made sense for the company to promote the product and partner with vendors before the start of the new year. He added, "We are hoping for traction soon for the product. It is in January that we see more traction because people prefer a new model car then."

Talking about his passion for audio products, Sani stated, "Being in an audio business is in my blood as it has always been part of my family business and my passion."

The company hopes to achieve its target of being number one in all categories of audio and other products. Currently, the company is doing well in Bluetooth, car audio aftermarket and home audio.

The company has seen lot of traction for various audio products like speakers, car speakers and headphones, online stores and he hopes that this trend will continue.