| 01 Oct 2023
Like India & UAE, 'Coke Studio Pakistan' eyes partnership with one broadcaster

MUMBAI: The eighth season of ‘Coke Studio Pakistan,’ which commenced on 15 August, 2015 plans to partner with one main broadcaster for this edition. As of now, ‘Coke Studio Pakistan’ is aired across 55 television channels and 12 radio stations.

Season eight of ‘Coke Studio Pakistan’ features stalwarts like Atif Aslam, Gul Panara and Ali Zafar amongst others.

As per various reports, ‘Coke Studio Pakistan’ has also launched a television channel, which is on a pilot mode and is running season seven. However, there is no clarity on if and when the channel will be launched. As per the plan, the channel plans to air ‘Coke Studio Pakistan’ content 24/7.

Unlike ‘Coke Studio’ @MTV in India. which is being aired for the entire year, ‘Coke Studio Pakistan’ season eight is for seven weeks. So far, three out of the seven episodes have been aired.

The team starts approaching the artists from the month of January every year so that they are given enough time to prepare.

“We are very happy with the response that we have been getting for this season. The new episodes are aired on 55 television channels and 12 radio stations of Pakistan, every Sunday from 5 - 10 pm,” said Coke Studio associate producer Zohaib Kazi.

According to Kazi, season eight is by far the best edition as compared to the rest of the years as the team was well prepared. While the team had a few creative disagreements, they finally worked as a unit with everyone being on the same page.

“We had changed our team last year and we got very less time to work together and figure out things. However, this year we were well prepared and knew how to go about. The eighth edition has by far been the best of all,” he further added.

Kazi also mentioned that the new season has witnessed a lot of collaborations with the quality of sound also becoming better. “We have Jami Mehmood, who helped us out with the sound of the program. This time I believe the sound of the program has been the best as compared to all the other seasons,” he added.

Each episode is released digitally a day prior to its original air date. The songs of the show are also available on platforms like Saavn, Hungama and others.

‘Nescafe Basement’ is another program that supports a lot of independent artistes. “The ecological music system can only work if we have programs like ‘Nescafe Basement’ and ‘Coke Studio,’ which actually promote the work of an artist,” he added.

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