| 15 Jul 2024
Music creators across the country applaud the Bombay High Court Verdict upholding the author/composer's right to royalty

MUMBAI: The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) has emerged triumphant in its legal battle against FM radio stations, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts for fair compensation and recognition of Creators’ Rights. The ruling by the Bombay High Court clears the way for IPRS to receive royalties from FM broadcasters for the utilization of literary and musical works underlying sound recordings, notwithstanding payments made by the broadcasters to owners of the sound recordings.

Mr. Rakesh Nigam, CEO of the IPRS, expressed his joy over the judgment that he sees it as a milestone in IPRS's continued strife to drive compliance for music licensing at all levels. “As a copyright society IPRS represents the authors, composers, and publishers of music and we are immensely grateful for the unwavering support we received from our members, which played a crucial role in amplifying our cause and strengthening our fight for our members' rights. It is, therefore, even more wonderful that we could rise to the expectations of our members and bring to them what has been rightfully theirs for years and something they were unlawfully deprived of. IPRS thanks the Hon’ble Court for protecting the rights of authors and composers who create the music we enjoy every moment. This judgment, truly, is a win for the entire music community.” he said.

The ruling by the Bombay High Court will have far-reaching implications for the music industry, setting a precedent for fair compensation and recognition of author and composer’s rights. IPRS will continue its relentless efforts to protect the creators' rights, ensuring their creativity is respected and rewarded.

This landmark judgment has sparked joy and excitement within the creator community, with renowned authors and composers expressing their support and solidarity. Noted musicians Sameer Anjaan, Anu Malik, Vishal Dadlani, Chandrabose, Pritam, Jeet Ganguli, Manoj Muntashir, Raju Singh, Kausar Munir, Swanand Kirkire, Varun Grover, Mayur Puri, to name a few, have taken to Twitter to express their delight at the court's ruling, using the hashtag #RoyaltyForCreators.

Celebrated lyricist Sameer Anjaan, expressed his joy, saying, “Today, I’m elated! Finally, the fight for our rights has paid off. Times are changing for the better. As a creator, I thank the Bombay High Court for the landmark judgment. Music creators cannot be denied royalties by the Radio stations. @IPRSmusic @Javedakhtarjadu have played pivotal roles in making this possible.”

Veteran Music Director Anu Malik, was all praise for the judgment “What a time to be alive! Witnessing the Honorable Bombay High Court pass a historical judgment for the rights of every music creator, a much coveted goal that @Javedakhtarjadu sahab and the entire #IPRS team had set out to achieve, is just incredible. #IPRSMusic”

Renowned Kannada lyricist Hamsalekha stated, “Victory for Indian music creators! I congratulate the entire music industry on this milestone win in the Bombay High against FM radio stations by the IPRS. This is a long-awaited win for lyricists and composers. Let's hope this paves the way for fair compensation and recognition of their invaluable contributions. #IPRS #RoyaltyforCreators”

Leading Music Composer Pritam wrote, “It’s a historic decision by the Bombay High Court for all music creators. The court has stated, ‘IPRS is entitled to royalty from FM radio channels.’ I applaud this judgment and hope all the poets, writers, and composers of our nation, will receive their entitled due soon. This is the power of being together.”

Noted Lyricist Chandrabose stated, “Namaskar to music families and the huge group of writers for their significant success in the Bombay High Court whereby after a long and difficult struggle the Court has granted fundamental rights to lyricists and composers. For this positive development, I, on behalf of our entire crew commend the Bombay High Court, the Honorable Judge, as well as the writer/lyricist Mr. Javed Akhtar, on behalf of our entire crew. Jai IPRS”

Music Composer and Lyricist Vishal Dadlani, through his tweet, “Thanks @IPRSmusic and @Javedakhtarjadu!”, expressed his elation at the result

Music Composer Jeet Gannguli, averred “It’s a big win for music creators in India. Bombay High Court upholds IPRS right to royalty from FM radios. I applaud this judgment & hope lyricist & composers receive their rightful royalty. Thank you @IPRSmusic for protecting our rights. #RoyaltyForCreators”

Prominent lyricist, poet, dialogue writer, and screenwriter Manoj Muntashir Shukla, tweeted, “The Honorable High Court has given a historical verdict, to grant royalties to all the creators. I applaud this judgment and hope the poets, writers, and composers of our great nation, will finally get their due soon.”

Composer, Lyricist Bunty Bains tweeted, “It is a big win for the music creators, and I am very happy to hear the news. Finally, I will get my due royalties every time my songs play on the radio and other platforms. I share my heartfelt thanks to the Bombay High Court for acknowledging the hard work we put behind our creation and protecting our rights for the music we make. This victory is a huge boost for our industry and will inspire all music creators like me to continue creating music that inspires and entertains everyone. @IPRSmusic”

Songwriter and Composer, Anupam Roy, “Hello everyone this is great news for us creators who create music. Bombay High Court has recently given its verdict on the playing of music on Radio stations from now onwards radio stations who regularly play our music must distribute royalties and IPRS is going to collect the royalties on our behalf and distribute it amongst us. So, let’s keep creating more music, let the radio stations play more of our songs, and let the royalties come in. Thank you! @IPRS”

Filmfare award-winning lyricist Kausar Munir tweeted, “The Honorable Mumbai High Court’s historical verdict, FM radio channels to grant royalty to all music creators! Thank you, @Javedakhtarjadu Sahab. We hope the poets, writers, and composers of India get their fair pay and fair play.”

Composer Raju Singh taking note of the breakthrough judgment tweeted, “Great news! Bombay HC recognizing the IPRS' right to royalties from FM radio is a big win for the music community. Let's keep fighting for our rights” @IPRSmusic #IPRS #Royalties #MusicCommunity #JusticeServed

Lyricist, playback singer, writer, assistant director, actor, and dialogue writer Swanand Kirkire noted, “It’s a Historic judgment!! Music Directors and Lyricists Entitled to Royalty from Fm Radio Channels: Bombay HC”

Renowned lyricist, and comedian, Varun Grover also shared his excitement, stating, “This is a landmark judgment by Bombay High Court for all music creators. FM channels will now have to give us royalties for the music they play (sirf ‘exposure’ dene se kaam nahin chalega.). Thanks to @IPRSmusic & @Javedakhtarjadu for fighting for our rights.”

Mayur Puri, songwriter, screenwriter, and IPRS Board Member added, “I’m just glad to be alive at the time when happy history is being written for music makers by @Javedakhtarjadu Saab, @RakeshRNigam and everyone at @IPRSmusic. Authors, composers, and my dear friends in the music business. This is the power of being together! Jai ho!” He further added, “It took almost a dozen years but finally, IPRS won the landmark case where the right to royalty is upheld.”