| 30 May 2024
Sound Minds, Strong Creators: IPRS and Aurora collective team up with Trijog for mental health webinar!

MUMBAI:  To mark World Mental Health Day, IPRS in collaboration with Aurora Collective associates with Trijog to organize an online webinar "Mental Health for Creative Minds”. This aligns with IPRS’s mission to support and empower music creators. This campaign focuses on empowering and nurturing the mental well-being of musicians, recognizing the distinct challenges they encounter in their creative odysseys.

With the upcoming webinar, IPRS aims to reach a diverse audience of musicians, including those from various regions who may have limited access to mental health resources. The objective of this session is to enhance the understanding of mental health among musicians. Help individuals identify and address potential mental health challenges. Equip music creators with coping strategies tailored to the unique demands of their profession.

IPRS’s campaign encourages musicians to prioritize their mental health, fostering resilience and well-being within the industry. This initiative also highlights IPRS's commitment to the holistic well-being of its music creators. By addressing mental health challenges and offering practical solutions, IPRS aims to empower musicians to thrive in their careers and enjoy long-lasting success.

Details of the session:

What: IPRS in collaboration with Aurora Collective associates with Trijog for World Mental Health Day for an online webinar on "Mental Health for Creative Minds"

When: 12th October 2023 

Time: 5 pm - 6 pm

Venue:  Online Zoom Event

Tune Into Well-being! Join Us on Zoom for an Exclusive Music & Mental Health Workshop