| 15 Jul 2024
IPRS Champions Copyright Management at WIPO Mentorship Programme in Bangladesh Advocates for Strong Copyright Management and Creator Rights in the region

MUMBAI: The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. (IPRS), a cornerstone of India's music industry, continues to lead in collective rights management and uphold creator rights across the sub-continent. Recognized for its role in establishing a sustainable revenue stream for Indian creators through royalties, IPRS has bolstered India's global standing in rights management.

Recently, IPRS participated in a significant event organised by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in cooperation with the Copyright Office Bangladesh and supported by the Bangladesh Lyricist, Composers, and Performers Society (BLCPS). The national event, titled "Wipo Mentorship Program for CMOs Engaged in Copyright Management," brought together international delegates from WIPO, CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers), and IPRS (The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd.). The delegates addressed several topics and provided recommendations to participants through their detailed presentations.

Inaugurated by Copyright Registrar Md Daud Miah NDC (Additional Secretary), the day-long event then proceeded with five engaging sessions on five different and important topics, explaining the activities of the participating organisations.

The inaugural topic was "WIPO's Activities in the Area of Collective Management and New Projects to Support the Growth and Development of Local CMOS," conducted by Miyuki Monroing Program Officer of Copyright Management Division, Copyright, and Creative Industries Sector, WIPO. The second topic, "CISAC's Roles and Initiatives to Seamlessly Represent Creators Across the Globe and Ensure the Royalties Flow to Authors Effectively," was addressed by Benjamin Ng, CISAC Regional Director for Asia-Pacific.

The third topic, titled "The Role of Local CMOs in Building a Creative Ecosystem for Creators and Users: What Can CMOs Contribute to You," highlighted the significance of CMOs in the music landscape of the country. Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS shared insights and best practices in rights and royalty management, showcasing IPRS’s path breaking journey in creator’s rights management and its pivotal role in the Indian music industry.

IPRS’s participation at the WIPO Mentorship Programmehighlights India's strong bilateral relations with Bangladesh, particularly underscored by the IP Trade Treaty between the two nations. IPRS's participation in this event signifies a step towards supporting Bangladesh in strengthening its intellectual property rights management mechanisms and fostering a robust society for creators.

The interactions continued on Day 2 at the Copyright OfficeBangladesh, where a comprehensive action plan was formulated. IPRS actively participated in these discussions and endorsed its commitment to supporting BLCPS in its journey towards strengthening copyright management and creator rights in Bangladesh.

Under the guidance of CISAC, IPRS has extended support to neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh, aiming to develop robust music rights management societies in these regions. Plans are also underway to engage with Sri Lanka, further advancing collective rights management practices across South Asia.

“It was a great pleasure to host the first of its’ kind -National Mentorship program for the Copyright Management Organisation in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 4 & 5th June 2024 along with Bangladesh Copyright Office which was a resounding success with the participation and support from such esteemed organisations as WIPO, CISAC and IPRS, India.

On behalf of BLCPS, the only Collective Management Organisation for music in Bangladesh, I extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Rakesh Nigam and Mr. Surhit Bhattacharyya for their invaluable participation in the National Mentorship Program from IPRS, India. Their insightful presentations and discussions on the journey of IPRS, India since its inception, were both eye-opening and encouraging to say the least. The experiences and knowledge shared by both have provided tremendous value to all the attendees and were pivotal in making the Mentorship Program a significant success.

As the first and only CMO in Bangladesh for Music, BLCPS is eager to collaborate with IPRS India during these early days and in the days to follow. We believe that through our partnership, we can build a thriving ecosystem for music in Bangladesh that mirrors the remarkable success story of IPRS in India. We look forward to the opportunity of working closely with IPRS, India to achieve this shared vision”, said Hamin Ahmed, CEO BLCPS.

Commenting on IPRS’s participation and role, Rakesh Nigam, CEO IPRS said, "IPRS is proud to contribute to the WIPO Mentorship Programme, advocating for strong copyright management and creator rights. Our collaboration with Bangladesh underscores our commitment to fostering a sustainable music ecosystem in the region. By sharing our learnings and best practices, we aim to empower our neighbouring countries Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka and build a robust framework for intellectual property rights that supports and uplifts creators across borders."

Govt. of India’s proactive measures in supporting the development of a robust copyright protection regime in the sub-continent have been instrumental in shaping IPRS's meteoric success and establishing its pivotal role in safeguarding the rights and royalties of music creators. This commitment has not only elevated IPRS's position but also contributed significantly to nurturing a sustainable music ecosystem in the region.

As IPRS continues to advocate for collective rights management and support music creators across borders, it remains dedicated to fostering partnerships and initiatives that uphold the integrity and value of creative works in the global marketplace.