| 21 Apr 2024
The magic of MGR songs now available on Saregama music cards

MUMBAI: Saregama commemorates the 100th birth anniversary of the iconic actor and former Chief Minister Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran popularly known as MGR by launching MGR music card to add to its collection.

The music card comes with 200 HD songs pre-loaded on a 4GB USB memory card, making it convenient to use on laptops, computers, car music systems and any other USB port.

Most of his acted films contained melodious love duet songs. MGR had a band of poets who wrote simple, effective lines for his movies. Some of his songs contained compelling message to the people of society. Understanding these sentiments, Saregama music cards have specially curated a ready-made playlist for easy listening and gifting, whenever and wherever.

So, indulge yourself in classics such as ‘Puthiya Vaanam’, ‘Moondrezhuthil En’, ‘Naan Yaen Piranthen’, ‘Vaanagaiya Vaathiyariya’ and many more.