| 25 Mar 2023
T-Series authorises SAM Events Management as the sole and exclusive licensor in GCC territory

MUMBAI: As the music industry is getting sensitized with copyright challenges, T-Series today made an announcement over their Twitter handle declaring Sam Event Management as the sole and exclusive authorised licensor for T-Series label in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC Territory). The GCC comprises of seven countries i.e. Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The reach of Bollywood is undeniable and the Hindi film events that happen across the globe are extremely high. The high-octane events have chartbusters of Hindi movies being played and performed on. GCC territory has a wide base of Bollywood fans, comprising both Indians and non-Indians.

Considering this, T-Series India’s leading music label and movie studio which recently hit 40 million subscribers on its YouTube channel and continues to hold on to #1 spot in the top 500 YouTube channels globally with more than 34 billion video views has its audience base spread across India, US, Canada UK, Mainland Europe, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand etc. T-Series has expanded its presence across multiple digital platforms and now reaches more than one billion digital consumers a month. With this mammoth reach of the label and hold over a vast library of songs, T-Series has authorised Sam Events Management as the licensor for usage of any of T-Series content

Vinod Bhanushali, President – Marketing, Media & Publishing at Super Cassettes Industries Limited aka T-Series said, “Hindi songs are played at every event and such events happen a lot in this territory. Therefore to safeguard any kind of infringement, we (Super Cassettes Pvt Ltd) have authorised SAM Events Management, which engages in multiple platforms, including licensing.”

T-Series chairman and managing director Bhushan Kumar points out, “With its all-pervading influence, Bollywood songs are played across events and platforms globally today. Our study revealed there are consumers of our content in GCC territory. In order to safeguard our interest and prevent further infringement, we felt it imperative to appoint a body that will protect our interest. We found that in SAM Events Management, which engages in multiple platforms, including licensing.”

Usage of T-Series content in this territory without seeking license from SAM Events Management will be considered as an infringement of copyright.