| 26 Feb 2024
Gaana is globally the only player to have integrated Voice Assistant Feature- CEO Prashan Agarwal

MUMBAI: In a market with strong competition and multiple players, Gaana has captured a wide subscriber base. “Our subscriber base is that 60 million active monthly subscribers. The product innovation and recommendation engine are two of the prime most reasons for Gaana being in this position today. ‘We believe Voice to be the next frontier in technology evolution and want to bring the convenience of Voice assistant to our users. Now a user can use his Voice to play songs of his choice on Gaana.” shared Gaana, CEO, Prashan Agarwal.

Recently, India’s leading streaming app introduced the new feature of Voice Assistant Feature. This will enable users to play their favourite songs using Voice as a primary action medium. Gaana already supports 13 languages. Users can now stream songs by saying ‘Play Channa Mereya', play songs from their favourite artist by saying ‘ Play Arijit songs’, or revel in their mood by saying ‘Play Romantic songs’, etc.  “ is globally the only player to have integrated Voice Assistant Feature. This feature enables playing of a song basis a voice command. It encompasses all genres, artists and 21 languages” adds Prashan.

The connect this app has in tier two & three cities is wide and thumping. One of the major reason is inclusion of maximum regional languages. Considering India is predominantly an Android user nation, the voice feature was first launched for android users. “The next 10 mn subscribers are expected majorly from the rural segment, which is an android ruled zone. We however have opened this on IOS few days after the Android launch” says the CEO.

With every step, Gaana is making the game strong. Be it their Game of Sixes, a first ever gaming innovation by any music streaming app or the voice feature. “The focus also stays on content perspective. Beyond these features, our exclusive tie-ups are also important. Like recently we tied-up for the most awaited blockbuster Race 3” adds Prashan.

The app includes content from 21 languages and has text in 11 languages. Prashan informs, “We plan to expand the readability of content by 9 languages from the existing 11. As Gaana uses the Google engine, our music content expansion will depend on Google expansion. As & when Google engine expands, so will our brackets expand.”

Artificial Intelligence is an important tool for whole of virtual world and Gaana is certainly not behind is utilising in the most optimum manner. “Close 15% of playout is due to Artificial Intelligence. We are in the best position to drive Artificial Intelligence.  Basis the songs searched, the next 15 songs are recommended.” 

Gaana is available on Android, iOS and Web continuously making its services synonymous to technological prowess and proliferation. Gaana is present across multivariate android platforms like Android Auto, Google Chromecast, Android Go OS for lower range smartphones and even the forthcoming Android TV. This in addition to the Google Home compatibility is Gaana's attempt at integrating to provide the users an all-round experience. Gaana also has a tab for personalised playlist, like one could have on their personal player.

Prashan concludes, “Gaana plans to invest the most in the right talent. The focus is to get the best talent on board, as that’s the best way to get desired results.”