| 20 Jul 2024
You just need 15 songs to drive your company, rest is your catalogue: Bhushan Kumar

MUMBAI: T-Series Managing Director Bhushan Kumar recently revealed the secret behind driving a music label. He was speaking at a music conference held, recently in Mumbai.

Speaking on the occasion, the business tycoon said, “In a year, you just need 15 songs to run your company, rest is your catalogue. We, on the contrary, release over 100 songs a year.”

On being asked if he and his company keeps a check on the competition, Kumar said, “Competition was always there. Initially, there were only few music labels like Universal Music and others. While some stayed, while some shutdown. But, we are very confident today as healthy competition is something I’m comfortable with. Also, T-Series YouTube channel is the world’s largest platform.”

“We as a team believe in doing good work and do not focus on numbers. We don’t want numbers or percentage, but drive and passion like that of my father. One thing I got from my father is an ear for music for which I’m very grateful,” he further added.

On different revenue streams in the music industry, one of the country ’s successful business tycoons further said, “Earlier, there were only cassettes and CDs. Once my team told me that there are many digital, illegal sites coming, who can steal our content. This was six years back and since, I was young, I got scared. But, today, there is digital, mobile, caller back tunes, radio platforms and television market for revenue streaming.”

Bhushan Kumar credits his father, Gulshan Kumar, for the skilful ear of music as well as legacy he has left, which he is taking forward.