| 21 Feb 2024
Tips Industries donate to Chief Minister's relief fund to help fight the novel coronavirus

MUMBAI: With the country facing an unprecedented crisis due to Coronavirus pandemic, Tips Industries Ltd. has come forward to contribute towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to fight against COVID-19

Tips announced that they have contributed toward the cause without disclosing the amount they have donated.

They also appeal to people to donate money to help the government tackle the impact of the pandemic.

In their official statement, they said “As citizens of this country, it is crucial for all of us to come together and safeguard each and every individual in this fight against COVID-19. We at Tips Industries Ltd. pledge to donate towards the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Maharashtra. We admire and applaud the efforts of all the frontline men and women who are risking their lives in order to safe guard us in this pandemic. We would be nothing without them. Jai Hind."