| 15 Jul 2024
Google tests new AI-Powered feature for YouTube Music: Custom Radio Stations based on user descriptions

MUMBAI: Google is reportedly testing a new AI-powered feature for YouTube Music, allowing users to create custom radio stations by describing their preferences. This feature, discovered by Reddit user kater_pro, is currently in a limited testing phase, according to 9to5Google. It remains unclear if access to this feature will require a YouTube Premium subscription.

How the Feature Will Work
Screenshots shared on Reddit illustrate how this AI feature will function in YouTube Music. Once available, an "Ask for music any way you like" card will appear in the Home feed of the app. This card, shown in purple/pink, will operate similarly to the "Create a radio: Your music tuner" card, which was introduced earlier this year and is now permanently located in the Library tab inside New FAB.

This new feature will let users create custom radio stations based on their mood or preferred genre. By tapping the "Ask for music any way you like" card, users will open a chat interface with a text box where they can type or use voice commands to specify the type of music they want. YouTube Music acknowledges that this feature is still in development, so the quality and accuracy of the generated stations may vary.

To assist users, YouTube Music provides pre-written prompts such as "Catchy pop choruses," "Epic soundtracks," and a "Surprise me!" option that creates a random station based on the app's algorithms.

After users enter their chosen prompt, YouTube Music will generate a custom radio station based on the description. The station will be displayed using the existing playlist card format, named after the prompt, and labeled as "Created for you" with a brief description.