| 25 Mar 2023
Italian singer now comes on to India's Guitarmonk Records

NEW DELHI: "Stop and Smell the Roses, Tough it, Lost my Faith, Precious Love, Tell Her and Fly Away" by Natascia or "Nati" Maimone from Italy is now a part of the Guitarmonk Records, according to Guitarmonk founder Kapil Srivastava.

Despite her shy and reserved personality, Srivastava said Nati has an amazing creativity and passion to communicate her thoughts and emotions through songwriting and singing. As her child has grown a bit older and her family coalesced, she can now be more engaged in music this time. The resulting EP (Extended Play) with six simple yet meaningful songs that reflect various emotions felt in her daily life as she ponders on her connections with the people who matters to her and the roles she played in their lives.

Her recent early morning trips to Stimigliano, a commune in the province of Reiti in the Italian region Latium, where the panoramic view of the rolling hills and the Tiber river has inspired Nati to create incredible melodies with the help of her friend, Luca Pacetti (Double Bassist).

Together they worked on the arrangements, both astonished that they were able to work fluidly while enjoying immensely every moment of their work. Nati Maimone's other friends also joined in the wagon to help her create beautiful and inspiring music.

Luca Chiaramonte produced the bonus track (Fly away) at IndigoStudio with his multiple guitars while Stefano Galante chipped in by mixing and mastering the songs at his own studio.

Later on, she was able to join Guitarmonk founder Kapil Srivastava for the promotion of her music in India.