| 25 Jun 2024
The secret ingredient in music that cures drug addiction

MUMBAI: It is a known fact that for the youth of today, music and drugs seem to go hand in hand. This notion has been built over time due to the influence of media, and the faulty mindset that for successful art, one needs those ‘transcended senses’. DJ Roshan Mansukhani, addresses this issue by explaining how music can be used instead as a therapy to wean away the youth from drugs and alcohol.

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communications (TSCMC) has organized a session with DJ Roshan Mansukhani, who plans to share some priceless anecdotes of his association with music and the impact of this music on the ‘generation Y’. Such interactive discussions with change-makers is the motive behind #CMCEvenings, a platform that enables a ‘connect over conversation’.

A pioneer is his field DJ Roshan trains aspiring disc jockeys, but through his passion for music, he also aims to help today’s youth de-addict themselves of drugs and alcohol. He believes that, “music can offer a high without any involvement of drugs.”

Given his sphere of influence, DJ Roshan serves to be an inspiring voice to engage with the youth on the topic of ‘Power and Influence of Music on the Y Generation' for this #CMCEvenings. In this unique session, music comes along with a message for the first time. And since youth is the most powerful change agent, TSCMC is inviting students across Mumbai to join in and participate in this young and energetic discussion.

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communication (TSCMC) managing director Akhil Shahani expressed, “It feels great to have had the opportunity to host eminent speakers at the #CMCEvenings all through this year. We are elated to have DJ Roshan with us this Friday (11 December, 2015). His experiences and the unique ability to leverage music as a means to create an impact in the lives of others will surely prove to be an inspiration for our students.”

The event will be held at Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, Bandra at 6:30 pm.