| 24 Apr 2024
Can antiSocial be the new safe haven for Mumbai metallers?

MUMBAI: For over two decades, the promoters for the live music in Mumbai have had a bittersweet experience with the inconsistent growth of the 'metal scene'. The obvious cause of the same could be targeted towards the lack of venues or the improper planning before execution of the 'underground' genre. May 8 could very well change few perceptions towards the scenario. Mumbai-based Bajaao Entertainment has collaborated with antiSocial Khar for a metal initiative the city had been asking for quite some time now.

For its first edition, 'Roots' will feature the Mumbai-based metal bands 'Bhayanak Maut' and 'Providence', and the gig priced at Rs. 500 is the first of the multiple similar efforts to be executed under the Bajaao-antiSocial partnership. With an intention to provide the good-old nights of pure underground metal, antiSocial becomes an ideal venue for 'Roots'. With a dedicated live section for performances, antiSocial Khar (like antiSocial Delhi) offers the attendees an undisturbed unparalleled experience throughout the gig. Bajaao becomes the newest promoter to associate with antiSocial Khar, that rightly boasts on teaming up with the city's several music (and other forms of entertainment) promoters in its short period since the launch.

The business head at Bajaao - Himanshu Vaswani - explained the necessity of sustaining venues and how the failure of the same affects the entire ecosystem. However, Vaswani sounded pretty optimistic about the collaboration with antiSocial and the essential resources offered by the venue for an impeccable show. "Metal gigs have been happening in Mumbai for a long time, but the lack of consistency in the same has been a matter of concern. With 'Roots', we have planned to implement a monthly gig featuring bands from across the country's independent music scene. Unlike most venues in Mumbai that organise metal/rock gigs, the lack of distractions act as an advantage for the attendees. The experience of pure music can only be attained in such atmosphere," said Vaswani.

Last week, antiSocial hosted's initiative 'HipHop Homeland', and the successful turnout of yet another underground genre of entertainment acts as a motivating factor for the promoters. Unlike Navi Mumbai or Thane, antiSocial Khar would not face the complications of luring the bands and the fans for maximum or feasible turnout. Located near Bandra, the chain's newest outlet provides a sonic satisfaction that could remind a metaller of the B-69 days. Bajaao has a long-term plan with 'Roots' and the upcoming months will continue to raise the bar with some of the exciting line-ups. However, unless the monthly initiative 'Roots' does not manage to sell over 300 tickets for every gig, the management at the venue could possibly rethink about the collaboration, and metallers of Mumbai will yet again be left with one lesser venue to visit.