| 22 Feb 2024
Bengaluru's Blues & Jazz Festival returns this month

MUMBAI: For the fourth time, Bengaluru’s international music station – Indigo 91.9 FM – will bring a spectacular line-up of jazz and blues acts to the city on 28 August. The city’s foremost festival celebrating the genres will feature Indian and international performances from around the world at Hotel Royal Orchid, Bengaluru.

Featuring the impressive line-up will be India-based UNK (The Radha Thomas Ensemble), local fusion-ensemble Moonarra, and Blues Power from Goa. The international acts include Thailand’s ‘Passakorn Morasilpin and his quintet’ who would also be headlining the fourth edition of the festival. The 30-year-old has been leading a band or another for half his life, and the upcoming trip to India makes the composer’s debut performance in the country.

Joining the Thai act would be 12-year-old act ‘Jazz Junction’. The band features some of the most accomplished jazz musicians in India, very often including visiting international virtuosos who find a great Indian platform in the band. The band has performed at several international jazz festivals like the Bangalore Habba, the Delhi International arts festival and the Pune Jazz Utsav. The band also performs at high profile corporate events all over the country. Comprising of a Russian folk vocalist, an Italian drummer, Goan pianist and homegrown keyboardist, Jazz Junction boasts of, possibly, the most diverse line-up among the featured acts in the festival.

The four-piece Indian Classical Jazz and World fusion band ‘MoonArra’ will have two changes to its line-up as percussionist/drummer Carlos Gonsalves replaces Kartik Mani. The band will perform in this edition accompanied by tabla player Adarsh Shenoy. MoonArra has already performed at esteemed festivals across the globe, including Vienna, Austria, Dublin and Morocco.

Indigo 91.9’s intent to further promote the genres of jazz and blues through live music receives encouragement through this edition’s unparalleled line-up, and the otherwise unappreciated genres finds yet another platform to continue its search for popularity in India.