| 13 Jul 2024
BUDx announces programme for three-day electronic music lab in Delhi

MUMBAI: BUDx, a new music workshop series at the frontier of music culture, curated and created in collaboration between Budweiser Experiences and Boiler Room, will feature three days of workshops, talks, masterclasses and live DJ performances in New Delhi from 6- 8 December 2017.

The underlying focus of BUDx is to bring fans and artists closer together in a collaborative, creative experience around emerging electronic music culture. Through its structure and content, BUDX puts the spotlight squarely on the development of electronic music in India as a tool of social cohesion and empowerment. It is also an extension of Budweiser experiences’ collaboration that brought Boiler Room to India at the end of 2016, and continues to champion the local scene and electronic music communities in India.

New announcements include a lecture by popular British Indian artist Kindness on Indian identities in British music culture and a panel discussion that will focus on India’s place amongst new markets in Asia. For fans, the highlight of the weekend will be the two Boiler Room parties featuring stalwarts like Dillinja, Mumdance, Marcellus Pittman and Omar S.

Speaking about launching Bud X in India, AB InBev India, Marketing Director, Kartikeya Sharma, said, "We are delighted to bring Bud X - a first-of-its-kind electronic music lab to India and the avenues that this will open up for various stakeholders of the music industry - from artists to the fans. Culture shaping is at the core of all our initiatives and with Bud X we aim to push the boundaries further by introducing a platform which will redefine electronic music culture in the country."