| 01 Oct 2023
We are planning to organize a few more events in India: Matthew Hoag, elrow Commercial Director

MUMBAI: Elrow has been quite a talk of the town now and stood up to everyone’s curiosity by putting a a spectacular performance on 16 March 2019. A package of fun, music, dance and game, elrow marked his debut in India. We spoke to the elrow commercial director Matthew Hoag and marketing director Luis Royo about their future plans in India.

Speaking about elrow's plans to  expand its wings in the Indian market, elrow commercial director Matthew Hoag exclaimed, “We are looking forward to organize a few events over the next 12 months and we wish to spread our message across various parts of the country and make some magic. Our goal is simple, having fun together.”

Elrow has stood to its motive of giving the best insights to the audience. Further sharing elrow’s USP, Elrow Marketing Director Luis Royo revealed, "As compared to regular festivals or music events where the DJ is the main element, elrow’s USP is the experience it offers, formed by different elements - decor, performers and music. The most important aspect for us is to keep the customer at the centre of this experience, giving him/her the main role of representing our brand."

“Each of our show is different. We can never replicate two exact same shows. elrow has a beautiful part to it, where we improvise a little bit and ensure that we find the right balance that makes every event special,” Matthew Hoag concluded, while stressing that their performance in India was first-of-its-kind.