| 21 Feb 2024
Monstercat returns to India

MUMBAI: After their previous visit during Sunburn 2016, international music label, MonsterCat Uncaged is all set for its second visit to India. The roster that Monstercat brought to the city of Pune, featured Haywyre, Pegboard Nerds, Puppet, and special guests NDS and Karmatek. This year their line-up includes Nitro Fun and Justin Oh. And, after their cracking performance in Mumbai on May 10, Monstercat Uncaged will move its troupe to neither Delhi nor Bengaluru but Hyderabad.

While the audience seeking quality music is spread across India, it is intriguing why they chose Hyderabad and Mumbai only. They have teamed up with RVR16, who is their Indian partner for their tour.

Speaking about the association, RVR16 founder and director Amol Raval explains, “We’re going step-by-step when it comes to primary markets for music consumption. Moreover, making sure, the artists have free dates to tour becomes difficult. Bengaluru and Delhi are definitely in the pipeline and we may have something announced this year.”

He also explains the choice of venues in both the cities, “Both venues, Kitty Su in Mumbai and Artistry in Hyderabad have hosted some major artists and events over the years. We’re looking to integrate the whole Monstercat themed experience as much as we can via it’s visuals and other elements. At the same time, the combination of two of the label’s most exciting acts, Justin Oh and Nitro Fun offer diversity in their sets. With Nitro Fun’s Live set, which involves the use of instruments and amazing visuals, we also have the high energy adrenaline pumping set of Justin Oh.”

Further explaining difference in the change of the taste of Indian audience, he observes that it is evolving more rapidly when compared to other countries. He says, “Unlike foreign markets where we have been involved in multiple projects, the shift in interest in the Indian market happens very quickly, more often on a yearly basis. The consumption of music and preferences has totally changed over the past two years. It becomes difficult to keep in pace and demands of the consumers and the style of music, they prefer. This is where we find Monstercat as a perfect fit. The label diversifies in the kind of music and sounds it releases. Many artists who release music on the label are even live acts, punk rock inspired, and has their own show concepts, etc. This allows us to easily organise Monstercat events at any given time in India.”

Amol continues, “Monstercat has had immersive productions and unparalleled line-ups of international artists in all of their global shows. While, we have had the Monstercat stage at Sunburn Festival in 2016 before, it's the first time that we are bringing the 'Monstercat Uncaged' edition to India. For the tour this time, we are focusing more on the whole visual delivery and experience.”