| 20 Jul 2024
Mumbai band Filter Coffee to go live in London

MUMBAI: Chennai based world music record label and audio-visual production company EarthSync presents Mumbai based music duo Filter Coffee live at the Alchemy Festival taking place at the Southbank Centre in London, the UK from 20 May to 30 May 2016.The ethnotronic act was facilitated to perform at the festival as part of EarthSync’s bid to showcase Indian independent artists on the international touring circuit.

The World’s A Stage

Through its committed framework of international networks, EarthSync and IndiEarth facilitate several Indian artists to tour across venues and festivals worldwide, and program international artists at venues across India. To date, it has programmed over 500 Indian and international artists as part of its mission to showcase Indian independent artists on the international stage, while also introducing Indian audiences to new and innovative international bands.

To this end, EarthSync has facilitated Filter Coffee - a Mumbai based duo consisting of Shriram Sampath on flute/electronics and Swarupa Ananthon tabla/electronics – to perform at the Alchemy Festival happening in London, UK. The duo will present an hour long set that blends live and electronic elements, featuring folk music from different parts of the country – including Rajasthan, Gujarat, and South India. The performance will also feature visuals showcasing different parts of India.

For years now EarthSync has been building these bridges with different entities of the international industry, and have facilitated several Indian artists – including Teddy Boy Kill, Business Class Refugees, The Ganesh Talkies, Shai’ir + Func, Nucleya, Ravi Iyer and classical Carnatic artists Jayanthi Kumaresh and Lalitha Kalaimamani – to perform at various international festivals.