| 20 May 2024
The Broadway Crossroads to premiere in Pune in first week of June

MUMBAI: Bringing classic Bollywood tunes to life soon, will be multiple-award winning singer Benny Dayal in The Broadway Crossroads. This one-night event is a tribute to Indian music, presented in a unique fashion, using multiple screens for wider impact on the audience. The Broadway Crossroads will use classic Bollywood songs and incorporate them into four short stories that will be depicted on stage. Written and directed by Randhir Virdi, the act will include around 25 songs.

Speaking to about the inspiration behind conducting a musical performance, Virdi said, "I like everything old. Through The Broadway Crossroads, I wanted to show old songs in a contemporary manner.  The show will have Benny Dayal singing songs from the fifties and sixties. Some of the tracks will be incorporated into four short stories that will be shown on screen, while others will be shown using shadow work." When asked about appointing Dayal as the singer for the event, Virdi said, "We tried to get Hariharan, Shaan, Sonu Nigam and Ayushmann Khurrana. However, certain factors made it a little difficult to do so. Then we came across Benny, who has been immensely co-operative and has added his own different take to the songs."

Along with a different take on old Bollywood songs, the marketing for The Broadway Crossroads is also aimed to be different. Virdi said that even with a limited budget, the plan is to make The Broadway Crossroads as appealing to the masses as possible. "For that reason, there are handcarts going around Pune encouraging people to go back in time. These handcarts have The Broadway Crossroads mark with stereos playing old music," said Virdi. He also said that The Broadway Crossroads will be heavily marketed on digital and social media.

Even though the first Broadway Crossroads event is yet to premiere, the script for the second one is already prepared, said Virdi. "The next one will also have Bollywood music, but will have only one story to go with the play, and will be in English," stated Virdi. He also added that for the next Broadway Crossroads he wants to use only new talent.

The 23-year old filmmaker revealed that he wants to tell stories on screen. "However, since that is a little difficult right now, I thought, instead of getting my stories on screen, why not get them on stage, in a fractured narrative!" exclaimed Virdi. He plans to take the IP to places such as Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai, and will be held at intervals of three to four months. 

The Broadway Crossroads was originally scheduled to take place on 26 April, but has been postponed citing technical difficulties with light and sound. Although a fixed date has not yet been set, The Broadway Crossroads is expected to take place in the first week of June at Amanora Arena in Hadapsar in Pune.