| 29 Nov 2023
MRMC 2014: Live Nation EntertainmentÆs Alan Ridgeway says India is a difficult market

MUMBAI: Live Nation Entertainment is the biggest promoter of live music globally, and with live shows exponentially growing in the country, MixRadio Music Connects hosted a session that gave insights into the future of live music and live properties. OML Director and CEO Vijay Nair interviewed Live Nation Entertainment’s International and Emerging Markets President Alan Ridgeway, to understand his perspective on India as a potential market for live music to break into.

The primary theme of the conversation revolved around the lack of infrastructure in the country, about which Ridgeway said, “We have no specific plans at the moment to venture into the Indian market. I think it is easier in Europe and North America for bands to tour and do a lot of shows.”

“Indian infrastructure is not exactly suitable for us right now to bring international artistes down here. Even though there has been a lot of change in the Indian market in the past few years, we are concentrating on markets that are easier, for example, China,” he added.

The organisation has conquered the East Asian market by strategically giving local acts bigger stages for exposure, which later became country-wide sensations.

Ridgeway stated, “India is a very difficult market and markets in different countries are unique in their own ways. We cannot apply the same strategies over here, like we do in the UK. The international business in Asia is small and people prefer local acts. It is our responsibility to bring those local artistes to their audience. Right now, that is our goal – to bring Live Nation to the domestic audience.”

Ridgeway believes that the major target is to bring international artistes for the ethnic audience. With more than 20 million Asians in North America itself, sponsors and investors are willing to bring Asian performers that are popular with the Asian audience. As a result, he concluded, it builds interest within the western community as well.

He admitted that Live Nation has been observing the Indian market for a while and that the sponsorship for live events has become sophisticated, unlike a few years ago. Although, he believes that the live business here is extremely healthy with social media making it easier for artistes, Live Nation is not planning to do business in the country in the foreseeable future.