| 20 Jul 2024
Music business in Bookmyshow is growing at the rate of 20 per cent

MUMBAI: Even with many players entering the live music industry, Bookmyshow - one of the pioneers in online ticketing platform, continues to grow at the rate of 20 per cent. Bookmyshow is getting into many annual deals with promoters, which is giving the promoters a freehand to control its ticketing counters.

“We are trying to do things differently, rather than just find new partners. We are working with the promoters to help make their gigs bigger. We have many annual deals with our partners, and we are also giving promoters a chance to control their own ticketing counters at events. Broadly, these are the new kind of things that we are looking at,” said Bookmyshow, founder, Girish Bobby Talwar. The online ticketing platform does not intend to get into the live music space as it has always been clear from the beginning that it will not get into events.

Talwar feels that the competition in the live space does more good than harm, and is not worried about it. “Yes, I agree that there are many players in the market, but we do not look at it as a competition. I feel that the more the players there are, the greater is the opportunity to grow,” explained Talwar.

The online ticketing platform is currently witnessing a growth of 20 per cent in the live music space. “Bookymyshow is primarily about movie tickets and sporting events, which comprise 70-80 per cent of our business. The rest is live events, which include plays and gigs. But the space in live gigs is increasing quite phenomenally. We are witnessing a growth of 20 per cent in that space,” he revealed.

Talwar who is the founding member of the band Zero and co-founding member of OML, was recently seen attending the trailer launch of 'Standing By', which is directed by Arjun S Ravi. He was also seen supporting the documentary that covered the influence of western music in India.