| 13 Apr 2024
Roku launches popular streaming players in France

MUMBAI: Roku Inc., announced that it is launching its popular streaming players in France. Roku streaming players are renowned for their rich content selection, ease of use and value. In France, consumers with a Roku streaming player can stream entertainment from 1,500+ streaming channels, including Netflix, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, Daily Motion, France 24 and soon content will be added from LA VOD videofutur, Deezer, ARTE and others.

“Roku streaming players give consumers choice and control over what they watch on TV,” said Clive Hudson, vice president of Europe at Roku. “With a Roku streaming player you can watch popular movies & TV shows, independent movies, cartoons, cooking shows and even yoga instruction videos. There really is something for everyone. And not just paid content, as many of the channels that we offer are completely free.” Roku is launching three streaming player models.

Roku Streaming Stick: The compact design of the Roku Streaming Stick makes it the perfect choice for wall-mounted flat screen TVs. Thanks to the point-anywhere remote control it can be installed out of sight on the back or side of a TV. Its compact size and the Hotel & Dorm Connect feature also make it an ideal travel companion to stream favorite entertainment to a TV in a hotel room or vacation house.

Roku 2: With a powerful processor this player delivers great performance and stunning high-definition video. It features dual-band wireless and a wired network connection as well as a built-in USB port for local media playback.

Roku 3: Lightning-fast and fully loaded with helpful features. The included enhanced remote has a headphone connection for private listening and supports motion control for gaming. Also includes dual-band wireless and a wired network connection as well as a built-in USB port for local media playback.

All Roku streaming players come with a simple remote control featuring buttons for play/pause, forward/back, instant replay, and option plus shortcut buttons for popular channels like Netflix and YouTube. Consumers can also download the free Roku mobile app for iOS and Android to control their Roku player. The mobile app also includes the Play on Roku feature that allows consumer to display photos and videos from their mobile device on TV. Consumers who use Netflix or YouTube on a mobile device can also cast their entertainment of choice directly from those apps.

With a Roku streaming player consumer get instant access to the Roku Channel Store, which today offers 1,500+ streaming channels in France. The store includes popular services like Netflix, Google Play and YouTube as well as hundreds of special interest channels in categories including food, fitness, music, sports and kids. New channels are added continuously to the Roku Channel Store and include free, subscription-based and rental content.

Roku is focused on making local content available for streaming starting with channels from LA VOD videofutur, Deezer and ARTE which are coming soon.

“Roku’s launch in France is great news for both consumers and content providers like us. Roku is an open platform addressing the OTT market in France which is also one of our main targets,” said Mathias Hautefort, CEO at videofutur. “Our aim is to make our service LA VOD videofutur available to all French consumers. In order to achieve that we have to be available on major streaming platforms, including Roku.”

Examples of categories in the Roku Channel Store and channels available in France include:

200+ Movies & TV show channels: including French language programming from Netflix, Google Play and soon La VOD videofutur and ARTE

100+ Music channels: Spotify, Rdio, local radio through TuneIn Radio and soon Deezer

100+ Food channels: Tastemade and

100+ Casual Games: Tetris, Snake and Frisbee Forever

Nearly 100 Kids & Family channels: Happy Kids and Cartoon Club

Nearly 100 Sports channels: WWE, GoPro and Red Bull TV

Nearly 50 Internet Video channels: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, TED and Twitch