| 21 Feb 2024
Apple Music leaning towards Indie-curated playlist in India

MUMBAI: After tying up with MTV India for curation, Apple Music has now joined hands with the webzine- Indiecision, a popular name in the Indian indie music circuit. As of now, the music streaming service has four Indiecision playlists, while under MTV India, Apple Music has 16 Indie playlists featuring popular and talented musicians.

The Indiecision playlists will be carefully curated by Indiecison editor-Arjun S. Ravi, who revealed, “Apple Music has been featuring select curators on its platform since the launch. In India, they have partnered with a few curators in the alternative/indie music space. We are one of them.” The Apple team approached Indiecision to become curators, an offer which was too good to turn down.

Indie fans, who enjoyed the newly launched documentary series- ‘Standing By’ that explores the growth of independent music in India from Independence to the present day, will find the playlist from the series making it to Apple music. The playlist is not only a reminder of the series, but also features music by names that have been part of the indie scene for decades. And for those who want to explore more music, there are Electronica and Thrash Metal playlists as well. Indiecision will curate a theme based playlist, based on the latest events taking place in the independent music scene, as well as weekly artist choices. It will focus on Indian artists, alongside adding international acts to the list.

The MTV India offering, which is dominated by 16 Indie playlists ranging from ballads to collaborations to electronica to heavy metal, and 3 playlists from Bollywood, shows a strong presence of Indie music. In addition to this, music lovers will also be able to access various playlists which includes MTV’s tailored properties such as Coke Studio@MTV, and the best picks of Bollywood music.

MTV brought about a music revolution in India when it was first launched in the early 90s. Since then, the brand has consistently shaped the way youth in India consumed music, and is also credited with creating some of the most exciting music show formats such as Coke Studio@MTV, MTV Unplugged and MTV Spoken Word. Being the first to offer a stage to the indie music revolution brewing within the country, MTV also launched a platform- MTV Indies, to showcase the best in Indie music that India has to offer. It is thus, not surprising, that the trend setter in the world of music in the country, MTV India, is the first brand to curate playlists for Apple Music. According to MTV India business head Aditya Swamy, “this playlist will influence and reflect the wide range of music young India tunes into.”