| 22 Sep 2023
Merlin and Reliance Jio partnerships are part of GuveraÆs æmassiveÆ 2016 plan

MUMBAI: If 2015 was about entering new markets like India, then by 2016 music streaming service, Guvera, will be launched in more new regions, along will setting a target of becoming number one, when it comes to ad-funded music service. The service, which recently completed one year in India, has inked a deal with Indie rightholders group- Merlin, and has also signed a deal with the Mukesh Ambani-run Reliance Jio.

Commenting further on the plans, Guvera Asia head of business development Ananya Amin said, “We are working with Reliance Jio. Guvera is the first music app to partner with Jio’s Switch-and-Walk initiative. It is a program that helps Jio deliver Guvera to 120 stores across the country.” Through this partnership, the Guvera app will reach-out to new regions as Jio will distribute the app through its retail and digital platforms. “Reliance Jio is distributing us in metro and non-metros,” Amin added.

The music service will not stop here with its distribution plans in India, as it intends to work with different telecos to strengthen its distribution channel.

Guvera also has signed a deal with Merlin Network, which is the agency for rights holder of independent record labels worldwide. Amin revealed that the partnership just rolled in and there will be lot to talk about the partnership soon.

He also added that Guvera’s plan to dominate market share is common for countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. The service, which has a registered user-base of over six million in India, does not have plans to reveal its 2016 targets in terms of registered users. Without revealing numbers, Amin added, “It is tough to give numbers, but 2016 will be massive in everything we do.” He further revealed that in terms of content, smartphone, telecoms and marketing partnerships, the coming year will be a good one. He added, “In 2016, we will position ourselves at number one in the ad-funded music streaming service in India.” In this “quick” one year, Amin revealed that growth cannot be possible without unprecedented support by users and brands.

Associating with Ecommerce brands has been the highlight for Guvera this year, along with its partnership with Harley Davidson. Amin stressed that the company is open to partner with brands that are open to partnerships. “It has always been targeting, innovating and building better and better tools for brands to reach tor their audiences,” Amin added.

The 13-member team, which is based in Mumbai and Delhi (recently added), is concentrating on content curation to make the right content available to users. Amin added that however, there is a constant endeavour to work with as many brands as possible. The company is planning to add an office in Bengaluru very soon, which is Guvera’s priority market.

As Guvera grows, it is also readying itself for some healthy competition. Amin added, “We are ready for more competition. At the end of the day, the more players that there are, the better it is for the eco-system.”

To stay ahead of time, the service wanted to innovate, and House of Guvera- its IP was started, and its presence in the country, it will take Indian content outside and vice versa. Without divulging details, Amin added, “We have got brands on board and we are working with them to create content. There will be more details about it soon. By next year January, there will be more revelation.”

Amin, who is setting his plan straight in India, said that he is backing on growing smartphones and strong teleco infrastructure to reach out to content hungry audiences. “There will be more exclusive content, which will be part of the streaming service to cater to our audiences,” added Amin.