| 01 Oct 2023
The year that was for music on Guvera

MUMBAI: Music streaming service, Guvera has announced its content-based findings from 2015 for the Indian market. The study reveals the list of top local and international artists, albums, branded playlists, and music genres alongside the most followed and streamed playlists and finally, the top streamed tracks on the award-winning music streaming service.

The second edition of the study was put together by the brand after tracking streaming patterns and habits of its users in India. It shows that new and up and coming artists receiving the lion’s share of adulation from fans and media alike.

According to the study, Arijit Singh, who has the distinction of becoming this year’s 'Top Local Artist’, even after being half a decade old in Bollywood. Maroon 5 continued to be one of the most popular international music names in India and earning this year’s 'Top International Artist(s)' crown on Guvera. 

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ scored as the 'Top Album' on the app, with its play count nearly double that of the second-most played the album. If the album scored the highest on Guvera's play count, its hit single, ‘Selfie Le Le Re’ was not far behind as it emerged as the 'Top Streamed Track'. This year’s wrap-up also included a list of most 'Streamed Branded Playlists', the top honours for which went to Yes Bank.

Guvera head of business development Asia Ananya Amin said, “Guvera has always differentiated itself from all its peers, especially in India; be that either through our unique branded channels offering, or hugely successful ‘University Stream-Off’ or the impending launch of House of Guvera, our live music initiative. Our annual wrap-up is another such feature that makes Guvera stand apart, and has now also got our industry looking forward to it every year.”

He further added, “The findings not only give insights into our user’s listening behaviour, but also offer a perspective on the effectiveness of our brand channels platform. As we move into the next year and as the share of digital becomes increasingly prominent in the overall music consumption in the country, we are certain that Guvera’s yearly wrap-up will serve as a definitive look into the music streaming and listening trends in our market, going forward.”

While the findings report the tastes and choices of Guvera's 6.5 million-strong user base in India, the lists can also be deemed representative of the typical Indian streamer’s listening trends, owing to the service’s robust listener base and an unparalleled content library in the country. Guvera currently boasts of over 20 million tracks, as part of its online content for India.