| 18 Apr 2024
Music industry in India is booming: Nikhil Chinapa

MUMBAI: Nikhil Chinapa, once a popular video jockey, and now the curator of the annual Vh1 Supersonic fest in Goa, says the “success of electronic festivals” has helped in growth of other music genres in the country.

Chinapa brought in globally-known DJs like Axwell, Zedd, Disclosure and Deorro for the Vh1 Supersonic stage last month.

Asked if the promotion of other music forms is casting a shadow on the traditional Indian music, Chinapa told IANS, “It's quite the opposite. Festivals often showcase a diverse range of music and quite honestly, the success of electronic music festivals has encouraged people to start new jazz, blues, traditional music, rock and even food festivals in India.”

“The music industry in India is booming - all of it is.”

The Bengaluru-born DJ, who is married to DJ Pearl, also credited streaming services like Saavn and Gaana to increase visiblity of music of all types.

“The boom in music consumption has led to greater interest in streaming services like Saavn and Gaana, which in turn have made more genres of music (including traditional) to Indians overseas, as well as Indian living in remote areas where concerts are not common,” he said.

The 42-year-old music aficionado said, “For those who are passionate about music - any music - now is the time to do something about it!”

(Source: IANS)