| 24 Apr 2024
Saavn Originals brings in fresh content with 'Talking Music'

MUMBAI: Saavn has been offering some outstanding content to its users through Saavn Originals and now, there is another addition to this list. Saavn is looking at talking you through the journey of musicians and music through Talking Music.

As the name suggests, the music based chat show will have singers, music directors, composers and artistes from the Indian music industry not only talking about music but will also share unheard stories, first-hand experiences, their journey and the stories behind some of their biggest hits.

The show contains 12 episodes, each of 30 minutes. Broadcasting every Wednesday, the show’s first episode was aired on 11 October.

The Chand Sifarish singer was the first artiste of the show hosted by Kirthi Shetty. In the conversation, Shaan shared many unheard stories about him and music.

Below are the highlights of the conversation with Shaan which will surely make you go wow.

Shaan didn’t want to become a singer in his early days!

“My sister would train and I would run away to play cricket.  I was not really a rebel but I was the weakest link in terms of singing. The interest of music was very low at that time because I thought that everyone does it. I didn’t want to become a singer.”

Shaan aspired to pursue investigative journalism!

“I was in love with these two words journalism and advertising. I wanted to do investigative journalism. We had a detective agency like the typical 10-12 yrs old do. We used to go out in search of a mystery like Hardy Boys but that really didn’t last too far and then later I got sucked into music.”

Early in his career, most of the songs Shaan sang were hits but unfortunately, all those movies flopped!

In his secret revealing mode Shaan said, “Good 1.5 or 2 years into singing playback, I realised I come with a certain jinx. Whichever film I sang for or whatever song that I had sung turns out to become a big hit but the film flops. Big movies too like Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat, Ashoka, Bas Itna Sa Khwaab. I almost wanted to tell these guys don’t call me to sing aapki film flop ho jayegi. Until I realized that most films flop actually poore saal mein 3-4 pictures hi toh chalti hai.”