| 14 Apr 2024
Saavn teams up with Amazon to increase its reach

MUMBAI: Recently Saavn announced its partnership with Amazon to make its reach wider. With Alexa-powered speakers, including Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot Saavn India’s first music streaming services for Alexa in India.  The online music streaming application uses Alexa Skills Kit to enable its Music Streaming Echo Devices.

With Alexa on your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus one can play a song directly from Saavn. The voice assistant picks the songs available on Saavn by their titles. Voice can also be used to play an entire playlist from your favourite singer or composer or even play the music album for a particular movie. Alexa also enables users to search for and stream songs by genre on Saavn and plays songs on the basis of the actors who have featured in them.

On this partnership, Saavn said, "The relationship marks Saavn's initial foray into the voice OS space, a sector which is expected to grow with the growing demand for IoT products across the world. It also underlines the platform's commitment to making high-quality music more accessible to Indian audiences across multiple service channels by enabling convenient music streaming."

During Diwali Amazon claimed to have taught Alexa to speak Hinglish phrases. The voice assistant was good enough to wish the users happy Diwali.

It is said Amazon chose Saavn over its head to head competitor Gaana because of its amazing bunch of originals.