| 22 Sep 2023
Google upgrades its services and features for Audiophiles

MUMBAI: In the month of August, world’s most sought-after search engine and parent of YouTube, a video sharing platform, announced the plans to roll out advanced audio streaming and quality control. They had also announced an updated cycle for YouTube Music. Google is now ready for executing the audio streaming and quality control for Android Operating System (OS).

The company management shared the thoughts to a news agency on devising this plan by saying that the updated setting will help audiophiles to manage their data as well manage the device storage for offline content.

The updated controls come with options in the "Setting" and 'Downloads' tabs respectively -- low, normal, high and always high. This would allow the listeners to choose the quality of audio and video content shared on the platform, designed according to their requirements and data constraints.

YouTube in India, with an estimated 225 million subscriber base in India, tops the list of all other mediums and channels. The surprising part is that the maximum audience is found beyond the six big metros-Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, in India. The beginnings of YouTube in India a decade ago was not flattering with only 3.5 percent of the total population accessing the medium, however, the prediction says that by 2025 Indian subscriber base will be at par with the markets in USA and UK, with content creator count achieving 100,000 mark by then. In the last two years, the subscriber base has doubled and expected to grow each year. In the next two years, by 2020, the percentage is expected to touch 40 percent and in the next two years after that by 2022, it is projected to hit 50 percent. While, the projection that in the next seven years that is by 2025, every three in four Indians will have access to YouTube.

The constant innovation in features is in tangent with equal growth in content creators - both independent and companies and the subsequent demand. The proof of this exponential growth is the fact that not more than four years ago in 2014, YouTube had only two digit count of channels i.e.  -16 and today in 2018 we have a count of more than 300 channels-which encompasses everything from Music to web series to retail.

The recently upgraded features are as of now only available for Android users and it’s a must for the users to have the latest version of YouTube on their devices to use these features.