| 28 Feb 2024
Tinder introduces new way to connect consumers through music

MUMBAI: Yes you heard it right, one of the best hook-up dating apps Tinder will not just be a swipe right or left app but has branched itself onto something new. Over the years, Tinder which was launched in 2012 has built itself, well this 2019 we will get to witness them bringing some new formats. Recently Tinder confirmed with one of a leading news portal that they are trying a new way to reach to the audience, which will allow them to share music within chats.

Tinder has merged with Spotify to test their new format. The test will be currently taking place on IOS across global markets. A Spotify button introduced in the app, will allow Tinder users to send songs from their favourite song list. Users will be able to send music snippets, whose duration will be up to 30 seconds.

While Bumble, which is Tinder’s rival had integrated with Spotify earlier in 2016 and now it’s Tinder who have associated with them for their further enhancements on the app. Tinder and Spotify have collaborated earlier as both companies always had their taste in music. Their earlier association allowed users to display their music preferences via single-swiping service, and now users can share their favourite music tastes via chats with their dear ones.

This would be quite an interesting feature, while we were filing this story it did interest us, we are hopeful users might love it.

When it comes to the further details, they haven’t revealed on when the new feature would be available for use, till then stay tuned to for further updates on the above news.