| 23 Feb 2024
JioSaavn partners with artists, launches cross-channel marketing campaign

MUMBAI:  One of the largest music and audio streaming services, JioSaavn is all set to launch its latest cross-channel marketing campaign. Made By. This platform will involve biggest international and Indian artists - from DJ Snake to Raftaar, to start super-personalization into a new brand marketing initiative.

JioSaavn Marketing vice president Aditya Kashyap said, “Personalisation is at the core of everything we do at JioSaavn. Our latest brand campaign is designed to enhance the personal connection factor that inspires us to play a particular track."

 “Furthermore, we all adore our favourite artists as people and naturally want to know more about them. The Made By playlists indulge our curiosity and are an attempt to showcase what made top artists who they are today, their influences and their inspirations. In many ways, it is the soundtrack of our favourite artists’ lives,” he added.

As part of the Made By campaign, foremost artists have customized their own personalised playlists in JioSaavn. These musicians have selected songs that motivated them to pump-start their journey or influenced their music in anyway. With an artist-curated playlist scheduled to launch every week, the aim behind this idea is helping the fans connect better with artists, and enabling them to explore new songs at the same time.

JioSaavn is the only platform till date to launch this type of personalised connection between musicians and their wider fan base. By collaborating with these artists, JioSaavn aspires to allow wider involvement with their target audience.

JioSaavn is popularizing this campaign with the help of various cross-channel linkages, including in-app programming, house ads, Google Ads, and a Facebook collaboration. YouTube has also launched a few videos, while twitter stories and instagram ads have started promoting them as well. A Facebook Live video featuring rapper Badshah and deployed Listen Now ads across many top digital sites, platforms and channels.