| 04 Mar 2024
With Malangs we would expand our talent spotting network in small towns and villages across India: Bluenote Entertainment's MD Prashant Kumar

Bluenote Entertainment, a noted name in the field of events and entertainment, has launched a platform, Malangs, to discover fresh musical talent across India. The platform will give an opportunity to work collaboratively through original compositions and live performances.

Malangs would work on screening and selecting of talents and giving them a platform to showcase their work through songs/videos/ live performance. Many talented artists lack facilities to showcase their work because of lack of resources and facilities. Well this platform will identify those talents and help them achieve their dream.

To give us an elaborative idea on what Malangs is all about and what the brand would plan on doing further, we had a candid talk with Bluenote Entertainment’s Managing Director Prashant Kumar.

You have started this new initiative called Malangs, can you tell us who's brainchild was it?

I have been contemplating creating a platform to promote quality original music for quite some time but about a year ago, myself, my friend Kalim Shaikh and Umashanker were having a creative session and we came up with materializing this concept. Initially, it was a raw structure but we have been working to polish and adding value to this concept and it has evolved pretty well.

Malangs was launched to bring together several artists and bands from various backgrounds and genres of music. Based on audience preference, the platform will give listeners the ability to determine which artists they want to listen to or see them perform live. It has several exciting projects in the pipeline, which are sure to leave audiences enthralled.

What is going to be the motive of this unique platform?

The prime motive of this platform is to showcase genuine talents and promote quality music. As our motto says, ‘Let's make music great again’.

How does the artist line up structure look like for Malang? 

We have started with Farid Ahmed and Umashanker as a band and they will be doing the inaugural song Malanga. This will be followed up with a beautiful melody by Al tamash Fareedi. There are other talents we are talking to but it would be incorrect to name them till the time we formally sign them to take them on board.

What are the kind of artists that you would sign up with?

We do not have any reservations in terms of type of artists or songs. Any deserving artist with a good product is welcomed. We do look for passion and the right attitude, as this matters most to us.

How would they benefit from this platform?

We would be investing in artists right from composing, lyrics, recording the audio and shooting befitting video and provide PR support and marketing. We will make the best effort to make their music reach out to the masses and then it’s up to the listeners to review and provide their opinion.

Do you think we in India have platforms like Malangs? Please elaborate your thoughts on this.

To best of my knowledge, I don’t think we have any platforms exactly like Malangs. The music market is extremely commercialized these days. Investors want to play safe and hence we see so many re-makes surfacing. There are not many who would like to work with new talents as a result.

We also have our hands-on business, and monetizing is important for us. But we have our priorities sorted. We will invest in the right talent based on our conviction and strive to position the artist to the level he/she deserves and then work on mutually benefiting terms.

What is your vision for Malangs?

Our vision is limitless, we would like to acquire a brand name with a unique status and credibility. We would love to see our talent hunted artists, our Malangs topping the charts and rule the music world. We aspire to be a renowned global music platform in times to come.

Do you think Malangs would face a hefty competition later in its future?

There might be competition and frankly speaking we live this carefree ‘Malang’ attitude to the core. We would be happy to have healthy competition and if someone is better than us then he deserves to be on the top. But it will be tough to meet the level of honesty and selfless dedication which we are pouring in right from the start of this concept.

Are you getting a support from the music industry?

We have received heartening support from all around the music fraternity and we are feeling totally blessed with their positive reviews and good wishes. Also a big thanks to Salim Sulaimaan, Shankar Ehsan Loy, Jacky Shroff, Johny lever, etc. for their unconditional support

What are the developments you would like to bring about?

We would like to expand our talent spotting network in small towns and villages all across India. As of now, we are concentrating on major metros but soon we will expand our horizons.

Upcoming plans and projects.

We have four songs already in the pipeline all different from one another and our team is simultaneously working on generating exciting content. We are making strategic associations with creatives, PR and marketing organizations to form a formidable team that can deliver.