| 27 Mar 2023
Sole DXB abuzz with OML's take on the Levi's tailor shop

MUMBAI: Dubai’s Design District concluded its annual celebration of culture, fashion, music and contemporary street style with Sole DXB in December 2019, and playing a prominent role was the Levi’s Tailor Shop - a unique experience by Levi’s, conceptualized and produced by OML Entertainment.

Having turned the Tailor Shop into a mainstay at several prominent cultural events in India over the years and managing the Levi’s Lounge in Mumbai - which has a year-round Tailor Shop - OML took its partnership with Levi’s to a new level at Sole DXB. The Levi's Tailor Shop was initially designed to deliver the complete experience of customization that Levi's stands for, and to create a start-to-end consumer journey of purchasing a product and have it tailored as per their taste and aesthetic. Various aspects of customization like screen printing, heat-pressing, patches and pins can be availed of with the assistance of stylists on-call. By collaborating with A Bathing Ape - a niche Japanese brand that has pioneered street fashion, with a unique focus on youth-centric hip-hop lifestyle, The Tailor Shop at Sole DXB produced unique limited edition pieces, only accessible to lucky attendees who queued up for the drops, that were announced periodically throughout the event on the Sole DXB app, resulting in a lot of excitement to own one-of-a-kind, customized streetwear.

Attendees could personalize their purchases with these limited edition designs, at the sprawling Tailor Shop that boasted an open ceiling concept with bright, white walls, polished concrete floors and graphics that separated the space into distinct areas. In addition, OML set up an appointment based creator’s studio where fans could learn from and collaborate with Levi’s master tailors and stylists to own a piece of Levi’s history by crafting authentic, unique pieces.

“Brands are all about experiences. We at OML curate and design tailor-made experiences to help brands achieve their goals while leaving a lasting recall value for customers. Our recent project with Levi’s is a perfect example of that. We’ve invested a lot of thought into crafting The Levi’s Tailor Shop experience, right from colors to aesthetics, keeping in mind the brand ideology and objective. We thank Levi’s for entrusting us with this partnership to create this amazing Tailor shop experience for their patrons at Sole-DXB,” said Gunjan Arya, CEO, OML.

In the midst of massive performances by artists including the Wu-Tang Clan, Black Star, Koffee and Foreign Beggars, basketball tournaments, exclusive sneaker drops, a resellers market for streetwear and a museum that displayed rare sneakers, OML’s take on the Levi’s Tailor Shop made a mark on the attendees of what is arguably the most forward thinking festival in the world.