| 04 Oct 2023
A Billion New Fans: Soundrop expands distribution to new music services in China, Russia

MUMBAI: On April 6, Soundrop will start distributing all of its artists’ active catalog to several major music services in key new markets, expanding their potential audience by more than a billion listeners.

Soundrop’s new distribution partners include NetEase, TenCent’s music platforms (QQ Music, Kuguo, and Kuwo), Xiami, Yandex, and UMA (including’s mobile music app). Many of these services are the market leaders in their countries and in the case of Xiami, regularly reach more users than the total population of the US.

“With the addition of top music platforms in China and Russia, we continue to add value to our artists as fast as we can. With touring and many ‘day jobs’ paused indefinitely, independent musicians need to find every possible revenue stream, so the Soundrop community is super stoked to be accessing something like a billion new listeners in these territories,” explains Pony, Soundrop’s brand manager. “I think that the type of content we distribute, which includes lots of great cover songs of music from anime, video games, movies, and other pop-culture sources, is going resonate strongly and generate new fan communities in those countries.”

To reach these new potential fans, Soundrop users simply need to enable Auto Distro to ensure distribution. For more information about Soundrop’s risk-free distribution approach and artist-friendly features (including integrated cover song licensing), see

About Soundrop

Soundrop is a distribution platform tailored to the YouTube-generation artist. Offering quick and affordable distribution to top digital outlets, integrated cover song licensing, and automatic royalty splits between collaborators, Soundrop is the distribution solution for the serial content creator and collaborator. Soundrop is a division of AVL Digital, which is owned by Downtown Music Holdings.