| 26 Feb 2024
Spotify launches Musik Indonesia hub, previously know as Pop Indo

MUMBAI: On Wednesday, the most used music streaming app Spotify has recently launched the Musik Indonesia hub. Which was previously known as Pop Indo, it contains more than 30 playlists of Indonesian music that feature various genres from pop and dangdut to hip-hop.

According to the research, some of the flagship playlists found within the hub are Puncak Klasemen, consisting of the freshest hits from the country; Naik Daun, a compilation of the hottest tracks from up-and-coming acts; and Ke Seberang, which features homegrown talent with successful careers in the international scene.

The hub also includes new and updated genre-based playlists, such as IndieNesia from the independent scene, Lantai Dansa with EDM hits and Dangdut Top.

“There is a lot of diversity in Indonesian music and every artist has their own way of expressing that. In a way, there is always something new for everybody. Personally, I love that Spotify is very Indonesian,” said singer Raisa in a statement.

“Apart from supporting Indonesian artists and music, I feel that Spotify really helps listeners find music that is relevant to moments in their own lives” said Baskara Putra from Hindia, one of the most popular singers on the platform.

Boon Ken Wong, Asia team lead, music culture and editorial of Spotify, said, “Fans all over the world have streamed more than 1 billion hours of music by Indonesian artists on the platform”.

“With the relaunch of our Musik Indonesia hub, we hope to be able to help more fans discover all kinds of Indonesian artists, genres and songs and connect local artists to fans in Indonesia and beyond,” he said.

Spotify has become one of the most popular audio streaming apps since its launch in 2008. Today, it has 271 million users including 124 million Spotify Premium subscribers across 79 markets.

New playlists are listed below

1. Naik Daun: New releases from up-and-coming talent

2. Alunan Kesukaan: Hits from the last few years

3. Ke Seberang: Homegrown talent with international careers

4. Pop Kreatif: Evergreen Indonesian hits from the late 1970s to 1980s