| 22 Feb 2024
YouTube Music links of albums and artist will be available in Google

MUMBAI: Google has announced that they will now be showing links to YouTube Music when users search for a particular artist or an album.

According to the latest report, whenever someone will look up music on Google, the search page will feature all the details from official websites or Wikipedia to the right in the knowledge panel, Mashable reported.

Users will also be able to find links of the artist/album on different platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music and even YouTube. And now, as spotted by Reddit users and reported by 9to5Google, the Google search's knowledge panel also features links to YouTube Music.

Whenever a user will click on the link in the knowledge panel, they will be redirected to the YouTube Music web page on desktop and the YouTube Music app on mobile. So, when searching for an artist, the link will redirect to the artist's profile on YouTube Music. Same goes for albums but, at the moment, the YouTube Music link only seems to show up for some search results.

Lately, Google has been focusing more on YouTube Music after the streaming service replaced Google Play Music as the default app on new Android 9 and 10 devices last year. YouTube Music recently gave users the ability to upload their local music library on the app's cloud and play the songs, one of the most important features on Google Play Music.